"Resolve (Ego)"

"File-11 Shōsha no Haisō" (File-11 勝者の敗走)


Hajime's power takes down one Minimum Holder before falling asleep. Society becomes desiring of obtaining their own Minimum afraid of the attacks from Black Cosmos. However, Birthday, Ratio, Honey and Three work together to take down Moral's allies. As Momoka sees every fight scene, she is found by Gasuke. Murasaki handles Moral's last underlings while Nice confronts Moral personally in a ship. There, Moral reveals he unleashed the Forbidden Minimum Holder on himself which overwhelms Nice. Moral then explains how he has captured the Minimum Holder Hibiki whose ability was a scream at a frequency that killed people and will be used to torment non-Minimum Holders by causing them to go deaf, but only to those who took part in slandering others. As Moral keeps beating Nice, Murasaki tries to aid his partner but suffers a similar fate. Theo and all of the people that were aided by Nice try to bring him support, but he is annoyed by their repeated messages. Nice keeps fighting and manages to overwhelm Moral whose body deteriorates as a result of having two Minimums. He is then approached by the seemingly alive Art who shoots Moral and points and pins his gun at Nice's head. A shot can be heard as everything fades to black.

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