Episode 1

Egg of Columbus.jpg

Egg of Columbus is the first episode of the Hamatora anime.


Private Investigators Nice and Murasaki each take two job requests from Koneko to investigate the recent kidnapping of college girls and another by Shinji Toyosaki to protect a safe from thieves. At the same time, PIs Birthday and Ratio head off on a bodyguard request to protect a client. With help from Art, Nice deduces that the kidnappers were targeting the girls for information and theorizes that his and Murasaki's cases may be linked. Nice then calls Birthday and Ratio for confirmation just as the pair is attacked by a Gravity Minimum Holder who forces their client, Azuza, to reveal a code. Afterwards, Azuza reveals that she and some of her friends had been in a sexual relationship with the somniloquous Toyosaki patriarch from whom she accidentally learnt the code while he was sleep talking when they were in bed together; she wrote it down, claiming that her job had caused her to develop a habit of writing down any numbers that she hears. Realizing that the kidnappers and thieves are the same group after the safe, Nice, Ratio, and Birthday head over to the Toyosaki mansion just as the thieves make their move. While Ratio and Birthday take out the thieves, Nice shows up during Murasaki's stare-down with the hired Gravity Holder and defeats the latter with his Holder ability. Subsequently, as the police and Art apprehend the thieves, the latter contemplates on telling Hamatora of a serial murderer targeting Minimum Holders.

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