Ishigami Shunichi Gallery


The de facto leader of Freemum. He and his comrades seek to live freely without discrimination against Minimum Holders. For this purpose, he along with his 'family' join forces with Art.


Ishigami is a tall, slender man with a very casual appearance. He is seen throughout the series so far with the same outfit. Messy black hair that sweeps to the left, three piercings on his left ear and a slight scruff goatee. He wears a suit consisting of a black coat, maroon-ish long sleeve undershirt, black pants, and black shoes. A signature item for his appearance is his short blue scarf.


Ishigami is a very cool leveled, reasonable speaker as when he first met Birthday and Ratio for the first time. He keeps a serious expression half the time but smiles every so often and can make light humor.

At the beginning of Re: Hamatora, he appears to be very passionate about Minimum holders having freedom and a safe haven. It is insinuated from his claims that he might not even want his own Minimum and is waiting for a 'Savior' to help them.

However, later on, it appears that he is very much out for his own gain.




Ishigami activating his Minimum.

His Minimum's ability is to make any sort of liquid boil. It is seen that he is able to make blood and water boil. He activates his ability by smearing blood under both his eyes.

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