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Koneko is the go-between for the Hamatora detective agency and their clients. Koneko acts as Hamatora's receptionist and contract negotiator. She receives job requests which she then explains and assigns to the members of the agency.


Koneko has golden eyes and red/auburn hair that she consistently wears in a ponytail. She wears red glasses, a backpack, a tan and yellow pant-suit, and a red tie with two diagonal blue stripes. Curiously, she has a cat tail, which has yet to be explained.


Koneko is notoriously well-organized and professional. She handles all the managerial work for the Hamatora agency and acts as a mediator for the regulars at Cafe Nowhere. She is shown to be of sound conscience and resolution when she interrupts Moral's speech about bringing "equality" to the world, pointing out that Moral's tactics are the cause of destruction and death.


Koneko was one of the abandoned children that were experimented on by Facultas. She was seen to be one of the few remaining children in her cell, until Master came and took her to become a waitress.


  • Koneko's name is Japanese for 'kitten', which is presumably to do with her cat tail.
  • Apparently her grandmother was the one who taught her how to sneak through air ducts, as shown in Episode 5, "Sweat, Muscles, and Me".
  • Her age is unconfirmed, but she is likely to be fifteen or younger because she could hear the subliminal message spread by Moral.
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