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Mamiya is a character in Re:_Hamatora who is part of the Freemums. He, like the other Freemums, is considered a "stray" minimum holder, someone who managed to actualize his minimum without attending Facultas. He seems to act as a guard at Club Without, keeping out anyone who isn't a member.


Mamiya is tall and thin, and is first seen wearing a black v-neck shirt and grey pants, accompanied by a long green sweater coat and black shoes. He wears round glasses and a silver chain on his neck, and keeps his hair held back with a simple black headband. He has pierced ears. Since his first appearance, he's also been seen wearing a suit and tie paired with rectangle-shaped glasses, and later seen wearing a police uniform.


Mamiya's personality hasn't been shown in great depth, but he is shown to be level headed and calm, albeit somewhat serious. He seldom smiles, but he doesn't seem like a cold-hearted person. He keeps the group in check and doesn't allow for excess movements or actions. He seems to be cautious, shown by his skepticism of Freemum's association with Art.


Mamiya's background is currently unknown, it has not been revealed yet.


Ishigami Shunichi

Mamiya works alongside of Ishigami and the other Freemums towards the goal of giving stray minimum holders a free life away from the watchful eyes of Facultas. He is clearly very loyal and trusting of Ishigami.


Mamiya and the other Freemums have begun working together with Art for the purpose of making their goal a reality. Mamiya was initially skeptical of Art, but after seeing Art die and resurrect through his minimum, Mamiya seems to regard Art highly along with most of the other Freemums.


Mamiya's first encounter with Birthday and Ratio was at Club Without, when Birthday and Ratio had come looking for Chiyuu. He instantly tried to turn them away, telling them that the club was for members only, to no avail. When Ratio called out the club for being a getaway for young Minimum holders, Mamiya brought the two to another room to meet Ishigami. Mamiya has since had a second shown encounter with Birthday, who came calling for Chiyuu again. He tried to turn Birthday away, but failed and ended up having Birthday threaten him.

Power and Abilities

Decadence minimum01

A couple under the effects of Mamiya's minimum after eating the biscuits he made

Decadence Minimum

Mamiya's minimum was revealed in episode 9 of Re:_Hamatora. It's currently unknown how he activates it, but anyone who consumes the food laced with his minimum are seen to overindulge themselves to a frenzied state.

Technological Skills

Mamiya is seen to be fairly good with technology. In episode 5 he was able to hack into and take control of the air vent system at a Minimum Holder jail, and later on he's seen using his cellphone to broadcast Murasaki's attacks on Art to the attendees of Club Without.

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