Master is the owner the Cafe Nowhere , where Hamatora's office is situated.


He is always seen using the grinder which is something he always seems to do in the episodes but sometimes he responds. He gets pestered by Hajime to make her food.



Even though he said that Hajime was only to listen and to don't mind her in episode 10 he looks back at her with a serious look without her noticing as he knows Hajime for a while and also maybe in the past


It was hinted that Moral and Master knew each other in the past but in ep 11 Master pretended not to remember him. Then it was revealed in Season 2 Episode 11 that Master knows Moral because Master was once a scientist in Facultus.


Master has light brown skin, a white beard, black eyes, and no hair. He wears a black, square-framed pair of glasses and a white, button-down shirt that seems to fit him tightly, with black suspenders and pants. Master is seemed to have a muscular build.

Since he is never been seen in front of the counter, or outside of it, his shoes are not visible.

It was revealed that he had a star shaped mark on his head in episode 11.


Master used to be a scientist in Facultus Academy. When he saw Hajime's Minimum he felt that he and his colleagues should have treated her better. However, Doktor thought of the idea as absurd and wanted to kill Hajime. Luckily Moral thought that keeping her alive was a better idea and some what supported Master. Master then quits his job and started Cafe Nowhere. He took in Hajime and Koneko ( Who was also a test subject ) and started Cafe Nowhere.

Trivia and Facts

  • He hates it when Nice does not ask before he sits as shown in episode 11.
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