Hamatora EP1 436

Murasaki uses his Minimum

People who are born with special abilities are called Minimum Holders. Their abilities are activated by a specific action. Very little is known about how or why they have these abilities.

Minimums start off as people with "individuality". It starts when one can extend their index finger by even one more centimeter a part of the national budget is devoted to them since childhood. They train so that their "individuality" will be carried to extremes and then it will be called "unique". And if this originality is refined it will become a "miracle". Soon after this will bloom into various small abilities. These abilities will then be called "small miracles" or Minimum.


All Minimum Holders' powers and special abilities are activated by a particular action. The action depends on and relates to the Minimum Holder and their ability. For example, Birthday's Holder ability, a strong electric shock which can be used to stun his enemies, is activated by the action of biting the end of a taser, while Nices' ability, being able to see and manipulate sound, is activated by the action of putting on his headphones and snapping his fingers.

Facultas Academy

This is a specific Academy where Minimum Holders are trained and tested to see if they have Holder abilities. People who attend this academy are called "Facultaers".

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