Momoka is one of the main antagonists of the series, with incredible hacking skills and the power to manipulate people with money, she proves to be a big threat to anyone who opposes her.

While in the first season she aids Moral with his investigation, she sides with Art and Freemum during the sequel. 


Momoka has dark, magenta hair and usually wears a pink, collared shirt with a blue apron. While wearing this outift she ties her hair up with a green clip. 

As Saikyou, she lets her hair down, donning a red floppy hat, green clover earrings, a cream neck scarf, and a revealing red-v-neck dress with matching gloves. 

Her main feature, however, is a birthmark in the shape of a flower, which she covers up with makeup while disguising as a florist. 


Momoka is a mysterious character who barely appears through the series, leaving most of her character up to interpretation. She is portrayed as a calm and intellectual woman. 

She is shown to be sadistic at times, and rather indifferent towards other people and their feelings. Though she claims everything she does is to obtain "entertainment", her morals seem to have deteriorated after looking for this for so long and finding no way to obtain it. She has mentioned killing, gambling, drug abuse and trafficking with humans as some of the many ways she has tried to cure herself from boredom.  

In the end, Momoka is revealed to have no ego as she required outside sources to "entertain" her to cure her of her boredom with the world.  


In episode 8, it is officially revealed that Momoka is actually Saikyou, and is the mysterious benefactor that both Freemum and Art are working for.  

In the final episode, Momoka is seen riding the ferris wheel contemplating why she was not affected by the Nihilist Minimum. It is believed she came to the conclusion she had no ego, and thus Hajime's minimum took nothing from her. After seeing a hallucination of Moral holding a black cosmos in front of her, she comes to realization that she has no ego and that she'll never be cured from her boredom with the world. Seeing nothing else to live for, she kills herself with a golden revolver that belonged to the professor. 



Momoka was Moral's assistant and benefactor. She confessed to helping him for sharing views and beliefs, but also because he "kept her from getting bored". Momoka seemed to hold romantic feelings towards him, due to the symbolism of her death.



Scans courtesy of Murasaki4You

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