Nice tries to confront Art but sideffects of his Minimum leave him unable to fight. Art then escapes with Freemum to their club to discuss an alliance with them. Art plans to become their leader and help them reach freedom and in compensation he requires their help. Meanwhile, Gasuke contacts Ratio and Birthday who also started suffering sideeffects. Three also starts losing control on his own body. Gasuke tries gathering information about Saikyo and he learns about an incident from three years ago involving Minimum Holders from Facultas and its connection with Saikyo. While being filmed by Birthday for a job, Murasaki's body is also briefly weakened. He warns Nice about the issues within their bodies. Art and Freenum attack a prison full of Minimum Holders but are confronted by Gasuke. The Holders from Freenium overwhelm the policeman as Nice and Murasaki reach the building. When Gasuke dies in front of Hamatora wondering why Art did not trust him, Nice swears he will stop Art.