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One of the main members of Freemum.


Sakuraba has dark skin and red corn rows. His attire consists of an over-sized red shirt over a white one, dark pants, two black wristbands, brown boots and a cross necklace. His mouth has a ring piercing and his nose is studded.


Little is known about Sakuraba's personality because, other than using his Minimum, he communicates only in hand symbols. Given his appearance and the fact that he curses in the first sentence we hear him speak, he seems to be of the rebellious kind.

Powers & Abilities

Singing Minimum

To activate, Sakuraba must keep silent for a period of 3 months. With the Singing Minimum, when Sakuraba sings (or raps apparently), he has a circle of influence that spreads from him outward; its radius seemingly encompassing the city of Yokohama. Anyone who crosses out of this circle whilst he is still singing is killed.


  • "Let's do this shit." - RE: Hamatora, Episode 11