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Skill (スキル Sukiru) is Art's younger brother. Despite only being mentioned in season one as a mystery character (with a small appearance in the final episode of the season), he proves to be a major character and the main cause for the events of season two.


Skills appearance changes between both seasons. In the first season, Skill is shown to wear the vest that Nice has on, he has a mole under his right eye, and his hair style is similar to Art's.

This is changed for the second season. Skill has longer hair, appears younger than Nice, lacks the mole under his right eye, and is seen wearing white t-shirt with a necktie print.


Skill spent his life alongside Art and Nice in Facultas Academy. Both Skill and Art were detected to have Minimum potential, but Skill was the only one who managed to develop a Minimum. With this revelation, he was taken away to a special investigation laboratory, despite not he himself or his brother knowing what his ability was.

Later on when Art was snooping around the facility at the same time that Nice was helping Hajime try to escape, that Art stumbled upon his brother Skill, hooked up onto a machine. There, Skill begs for Art to kill him as he no longer wanted to be used in such a manner by Facultas, in which Art tearfully fulfills.

After being stabbed by Art, his Minimum activated, which resulted in his brother gaining the Regeneration Minimum. His heart was later taken and used by Moral to keep Nice alive.

Powers & Abilities

Ego Minimum

Skill's Minimum allows him to amplify the ego of individuals, resulting in the birth of one's Minimum or give a person's ego back. Facultas was researching the creation of new Minimum holders by exposing normal humans to Skill's powers, in hope they would be able to materialize a Minimum. This process however had a very low success rate, since Facultas did not use the correct trigger for his power and was rather trying to force Skill's power out. Failure would result in the test subject turning into a monster, left with no humanity.

Located in his heart, his Minimum takes the form of a yellow-colored light dome, seemingly in contrast to Hajime's Nihilist Minimum, which takes the form of a dark-purple swirling mass of energy. The trigger for his Minimum is hope.


  • His wish to Art, according to the Hamatora Perfect file, is for him to live a long life.
  • Despite sharing the same birth year with Nice as shown on his headstone, Skill looks several years younger than Nice in Re:_Hamatora.
  • His character design in Hamatora differs greatly from his design in Re:_Hamatora. He intially has a mole under his right eye, shorter grey-colored hair, and is seen wearing the vest Nice has on for the series.