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Takahiro is a junior high student who, in pursuit of a Minimum power, makes a deal with Moral. The experiments fails and the young man is turned into a giant monster known as the Outsider.


Pre-experimentation, Takahiro had hazel eyes and sandy-brown hair that seemed longer in the back. He wore a light colored sweater, a red collared shirt, and a necklace with a whistle around his neck.

After attempting to earn a Minimum, he was turned into a tall, muscular version of himself. His skin turned into a darker purple shade, while his hair turned pitch black.


Takahiro turned into a giant monster after a failed experiment with Moral. He rampaged in the city only until he was found by his mother, in which he ran down a sewer pipe after seeing. Nice was then scolding his mother for the treatment that caused his experimentation to happen.

Several days later, Takahiro appears at the doorstep of Cafe Nowhere to ask for help to return back to his normal self. Him and Hajime exit to exercise at a nearby Park in order to "lose weight". Moral seizes the opportunity to start riots all across Yokohama against Minimum holders, in which causes his mother to get attacked by the mob. He fights with the mob and defends for long enough until Nice and the others arrive to support them, but ultimately falls due to his injuries. As he laid there, his mother finally realized that despite being a monster, Takahiro was still her son and he still loved her. Moral, meanwhile, decides to "save" Takahiro by blowing his stomach up, traumatizing his mother and Hajime. Nice vows total revenge against Moral after this happens.

Takahiro before experiment.png