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Three is a ex-mercenary who is now Honey's partner and protects her. He works for the police alongside her.


Three is very tall and muscular. He has dark brown skin with a pale 'X' shape across his face, and dark eyes. He has shaggy blond hair that he keeps swept back, and that, along with a full beard matching the same colour, gives him the impression of having a mane. His nose is broad and the tip and septum is darkened, which enhances his feline-like looks.

He wears a long dark coat with a blue collar. Beneath that he wears loose black trousers and white shoes. 

He wears a light blue robe when sparring.



It is revealed in episode 9 that Three once was a mercenary. He could kill mutiple men and leave unscathed. He once planted a bomb to destroy his enemies HQ this resulted in him accidently blowing up some of the orphans he looked over. With extreme guilt he felt that he should raise the kids to kill him. Honey who loves Three dearly made a promise that he would protect her forever. Holding him to his word she says that his punishment will be living on with that guilt and keeping his promise.


Powers and Abilities

Three has the power to unleash his inner beast by holding a Bible and asking the Lord for forgiveness, by doing this, he becomes extremely strong.


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