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He is the fine arts teacher at Yokohamabane High School who taught Rei and Theo before his death. He had helped Theo by turning in pictures of him being bullied and then getting the bullies expelled from school. He later went missing but was later discovered dead by the police. However, Nice also discovered that he was the ringleader behind Theo's bullying and had only helped him because he wanted to 'increase' his reputation at the school.


He was a minimum holder who graduated from the Facultas Academy and then later became a teacher at Yokohamabane High School, where he joined the Yoko Bane High School website, so that he could spy on the Theo bullying club which consisted of the six people; the five bullies and himself. He used all the negative things the members said about Theo and used used his minimum holder's abilities to turn their words into pictures. He was later killed by the serial killer who is targeting minimum holders' for their brains.


Mr. Kitazawa is a very dedicated teacher, who wouldn't miss a class unless it's for a very good reason. He is a very respectable teacher by many of his students as planned by him. But deep down, he is an attention seeking Sociopath who would do anything to garner the love of his students, even pitting them against eachother.

Powers & Abilities

Being a Minimum Holder, he possesses supernatural abilities of turning words into pictures, Nice called him the realism minimum holder. This ability allows him to draw pictures of what was said either online, letter or in person. In order to use his ability, he needs a pen and paper to draw what was said.